What we can do for you...

A-Z Event Management

Have an event idea? We can help!  We can handle everything for you or tailor our services to your needs.  For example, you may want to run the event but need help with marketing and online ticketing. We can tailor our services to your needs.

Online Ticket Sales

If you prefer to handle all the “event” organization yourself and just want us to provide your online ticketing, we can do that for you!  Online ticketing lets you reach out to a wide audience base without having to lift a finger!  Our online ticketing program means you can simply give our website and the ticketing takes care of itself.

This eliminates the challenge of getting payments from people,  managing a lot of forms, or hoping people have their credit cards or checkbooks “in hand.”  We will keep track of your event sales and provide you with your list of online purchases in alphabetical order for event day check-in.  

Pre and Post Marketing

We can help you with community outreach including a publicity plan to insure your event success.  We can help you with flyers, radio PSAs, and outreach to our extensive database of “event goers.”  You would only be responsible for guaranteeing advertising at your parish.  

Speaker Handling

Our speaker services include handling of deposits, contracts, vetting, scheduling, merchandising (pre-order and shipping to and from), travel arrangements including flights, hotels, ground transportation, sound, lighting, "green room" and back line requirements (singers).

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