What we bring to the table to help your event run smoothly ...
  • Professional Pre Marketing of Your Event
  • Outreach to Our Database of "Event Goers" to Ensure a Full House
  • Merchandise Pre-Sales (Books, Products, DVDs) or Set Up at Your Event.  While selling out of your merchandise can be a good thing, it can also lead to frustration and additional mailings if attendees are unable to purchase at your event.  We can help your attendees pre-order some items in addition to those items you will bring with you!
  • Post Marketing including Feedback or New Product Announcements
  • Professional Online Appearance and Transactions
  • Communication with Your Staff Regarding Travel, Accommodations, Merchandise, Diet and Any Other Special Needs

Services to Our Speakers!

Are you a speaker considering an engagement in Northern California?  Our services will guarantee a

smooth event. 




We can help connect you to your event goers should you want to get feedback or tell them about upcoming products (new books) or events.

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